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Ready made objects at the "Muse of to much modern art"




Video instalation at DDT Gallery



The wawes merchendizer

The wawes merchendizer by Iskra Beličanska
Converting a close market shop in to an active one in the frame of   the actions of open air gallery at Bolhao market in Porto, Portugal

Bolhão no Coração
Artistic content
A group of creative individuals from Portugal and the EU assume thesis regarding the degradation of public spaces and the relationship between the people who use these spaces in order to apply it to a concrete location - The old market of Porto "Bolhao" as an art action "Bolhao in our harts"
Throughout workshop, discussions and first hand contact with the local inhabitants thy explored the social, historical and artistic aspects of the space
For a period of 10 days artists from across Europe were staying in the open house working, cooking, eating, sleeping and shearing their views on art, politics and social questions.With help and inspiration from the local market salesmen the group created simple unexpected and sometimes humorous actions, performances and installations in order to remind the costumers as well as the salesmen them shelf of the value of the market place and the people who use it as a space for social contact and a space for exchange of much more then just fruits vegetables and money

Art preformanceTatoo shop




Tukad Munga spa with sweemingpool view 



Avtor / Author: Iskra Beličanska & Mateja Kavčič
Čas nastanka / date: 2010
Dimenzije / Dimensions: 4x5x3m
Tehnika / Technique: mešane tehnike / mixed techniques



Avtor / Author: Iskra Beličanska
Čas nastanka / date: 2016
Dimenzije / Dimensions: 2x2m
Tehnika / Technique: mešane tehnike / mixed techniques


Opening on Tuesday 13th April at 17.00 in front of galerija Vžigalica, Trg francoske revolucije 7

The gallery will be open 24 hours a day...
Admission 0 € (schoolchildren, students and pensioners have 50% discount)
Smoking is allowed in the gallery.

The young artistic collective Ljud will launch the first "ready-made outdoor gallery" in Ljubljana on the 13th April at 17:00. Streetwalker, with its »entrance« from the Vžigalica Gallery (Trg francoske revolucije 7) and its »exit« in Studio 8 (Soteska 8 - opposite the Glej theatre), will operate according to the progressive topological principle of the »inverted sock«. Young artists from Slovenia, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Macedonia and Hungary, for whom established art practices are not entirely sufficient, will use their own content to give a deeper meaning to the streets, artistically expose the walls of surrounding houses, open the window, fill the flower boxes, surprise fire hydrants and entertain some public lamps ...
»The Streetwalker gallery directly addresses everyone, especially random by-passers, for whom contemporary art practices and hermetic gallery activities are all greek «
The outdoor gallery will be using the "ready-made" principles to reinterpret concrete public space and expose existing urban compositions, landscapes, installations and artifacts. The general public will be directly involved in the debate on the purpose of public space, the relationship between skill and concept in contemporary art and its "elite" status. Individual artists will also conduct a series of short performances.

The project, which is interdisciplinary oriented will be held in co-organization with the Institute for contemporary art SCCA-Ljubljana and will conclude the "Open House in Ljubljana", a set of workshops and seminars which will be conducted and organized by the Ljud group as part of their international program on informal artistic mobility H.O.M.E. - Houses for Open Mobility Exchange, supported by the Directorate of Culture at the European Commission.

See you there
Kud ljud & Studio osem

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